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We are currently gathering pokemon fusion fan videos and as soon as we have enough we will open this page.

Anyone can submit a video via the "Submit A Video" button above (please see guidelines for submitting below)


*Authors name and a free link to the authors youtube channel.

*Upvote button and share buttons.

*Website has over half a million fusions a day.


*Videos must be pokemon fusion related.

*Videos must be referencing this website.

*All types of videos are welcome, lets fuse and lets draws etc

If you have any requests or ideas for the FanArt page please reach out to us on Twitter.

Pokemon Fusion Speed Drawing: Victreehoot

NEW Pokemon FUSION Generator VERSUS [Gen 1 - Gen 3]

NEW Pokemon Fusion GENERATOR #1 [Gen 1 - Gen 3]

To find out when GEN 5 and more gets released!


Inspired by the original Pokemon Fusion



The images used for each pokemon even for gen one are different from the link above so enjoy the differences between them pokefans!

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